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Your athletes work their heart, lungs and muscles to gain those critical fitness improvements that make the difference between success and failure.

So why do we ignore the body’s largest organ in our training regimes?
The skin is the body’s radiator, controlling core body temperature and ensuring muscles work at optimal efficiency.

Crossbridge has developed KuduSmart® to measure thermoregulatory (sweating) efficiency using a wearable monitor with a wireless connection to an advanced data analytics system.


Skin – the body’s largest organ but the one that’s forgotten in all our training plans. With around 2 million sweat glands for the average person it’s worth paying attention.

Sweat glands transport water, sodium chloride (salt) and other electrolytes to the surface of the skin helping to maintain the body’s core temperature at an optimal 37°c. Optimal temperature means optimal athletic performance.

The sweat glands are highly trainable – enlarging and becoming more efficient as you become fitter. Training focused on improving thermoregulation can speed and enhance this process.

KuduSmart® is a unique wearable device that measures and tracks your thermoregulatory efficiency – providing a benchmark for improvement and tracking training and de-training.

KuduSmart® links to a cloud-based data store which allows you to easily monitor progress, and (as our data store grows) to benchmark against comparable sports people.